Behzad Samadi

Behzad Samadi

Director of Innovation and Engagement

Advanced Intelligent Systems


Behzad Samadi has worked as a Research Engineer at the R&D Centre of Irankhodro Industrial Group, Assistant Professor at Amirkabir University of Technology and a Research Associate at Concordia University. He then joined Maplesoft in 2012. He worked as a Senior Research Engineer to help Japanese car manufacturers including Toyota to employ model-based automatic code generation. He has founded Nubonetics to help robotics and manufacturing companies with their AI, industrial IoT, and cloud computing roadmap. His main areas of research are machine learning, model-based product development, modeling and control of automotive systems (chassis control, engine control, autonomous driving), convex optimization, robotics, piecewise smooth systems, 3D simulation of mechatronic systems, uncertainty analysis and model based fault detection and isolation.

  • Machine Learning
  • Automatic Code Generation
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Convex Optimization
  • Fault Detection, Isolation and Accommodation
  • Estimation Theory
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2008

    Concordia University

  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, 1999

    Amirkabir University of Technology

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, 1996

    Sharif University of Technology


Computational Tools for Piecewise Affine Systems

PWATOOLS is a set of tools for the analysis and design of piecewise affine (PWA) systems.

Model based automatic code generation for nonlinear model predictive control

Symbolic computation methods are employed to generate optimized C code for nonlinear model predictive controllers.

Recent Publications

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(2015). Piecewise-affine approximations for a powertrain control verification benchmark. ARCH14-15. 1st and 2nd International Workshop on Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems.


(2014). A sum of squares approach to backstepping controller synthesis for piecewise affine and polynomial systems. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control.

(2013). Active front-steering control of a sport utility vehicle using a robust linear quadratic regulator method, with emphasis on the roll dynamics. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering.

(2012). A convex formulation of controller synthesis for piecewise-affine slab systems based on invariant sets. 2012 IEEE 51st Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC).


(2012). PWATOOLS: A MATLAB toolbox for piecewise-affine controller synthesis. American Control Conference (ACC).